Introducing Violet

Minimize sun damage and track sun-generated vitamin D


What Is Violet ?

Violet is the first wearable device that provides customized user guidance on optimal sun exposure. In sync with a mobile phone app, Violet monitors your real-time UV exposure, alerts you before potential skin damage, and calculates your daily natural vitamin D production. By quantitatively measuring both detrimental and beneficial effects of UV light, Violet provides objective guidance to help users achieve optimal sun balance.

Optimal Sun Balance

Real-time tracking of accumulated UV dosage and daily vitamin D production

Clear Message

Notifications about sun protection and projected time to reach daily goal of sun generated vitamin D


Complete and flexible customization (skin type, SPF, etc.), independently tracks multiple users

Smart Experience

Android and iPhone compatible, streamlined user experience and simplified user interface

Elegant Design

Waterproof, lightweight, and fashionable; wear it as a wristband or clip anywhere

Actionable Analytics

Secure data logging, trend view, social sharing, and helpful guide for optimal sun experience

Why Violet ?

A balanced diet of sunshine is needed for our well-being. However, we don't know what the optimal balance is. Are we exposed to too much or too little sun? We developed Violet to give us an answer. Violet is the world's first wearable device that tracks your UV exposure and measures your sun-generated vitamin D. It eliminates the guesswork by quantifying both detrimental and beneficial effects of the sun, thus providing an objective guidance for you to optimize your sun experience. Violet is not just another gadget to generate data. It is designed as a solution to encourage behavioral change toward better health, by minimizing the risks while maximizing the benefits of the sun. Our objective is to help you safely enjoy the sun without any fear, and live ultra healthy!

Make The Unknown Known

The environment impacts our health in a subtle way. Everyday we are exposed to invisible radiations, toxins, chemicals, and other harmful elements. Their damage to our bodies is typically accumulative. Yet we often don't realize it until it's too late - when we end up sick but still don't know why. We wish we could have prevented it had we known those unknown hazards, which we can't see, smell, hear, taste, touch, or feel. But that is about to change!

Wearable Tech from Ultra

With Ultra's state-of-the-art sensor technologies and advanced system miniaturization, bulky diagnostic laboratory equipment can be turned into small personal wearable devices that are capable of accurately measuring and analyzing the environmental impact on our body in real time.

Personalization and coaching

In conjunction with individual health data and personalization, Ultra's wearable solutions can guide and coach us to prevent potential life threatening diseases and improve our overall well-being.

Who Are We?

We have assembled a dream team. We are entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, software developers, dermatologist, and designers. The team of Ultra has published over 200 research papers in the multidisciplinary fields of dermatology and biomedical engineering, and hold over 50 granted or pending US patents.

Less Is More

Violet is designed and developed by using lean methodologies with human-centered design principles. Design is at the core of our development process. For over a year, the Ultra team has gone through numerous prototype iterations based on consumer research and customer feedbacks to perfect the easy-to-use Violet. We strive to streamline the user experience and simplify the user interface. You don't need to be a geek to use the device, and you don't need to be an expert to understand your measurement data. We believe less is more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is my skin type determined?

A: From the app on your phone, you can easily determine your skin type by either using the in-app wizard based on FitzpatrickSkin Test or simply choosing the description that fits you best. Some users with pre-existing medical conditions should consult with their dermatologist to determine their correct skin type.

Q: Is the device water-resistant?

A: Playing at the beach? No problem! The Violet is water-resistant and you can even shower with it. The Violet has been designed with the waterproof concept from the beginning and we want to deliver the best experience for our users. We are currently working with manufacturers to try to make it water proof before shipping.

Q: Will I be alerted when reapplying sunscreen is needed?

A: Yes. The effectiveness of sunscreen reduced over time because of activities such as swimming, toweling, or excessive sweating and rubbing. Therefore, sunscreen should be regularly reapplied to avoid skin damage. Violet will vibrate or send a message to your phone to quietly alert you when your accumulated UV dosage is close to the safe limit.

Q: Can I input the SPF rating I'm using?

A: Yes. In either the Violet App or on the device itself you can set the SPF rating of the sunscreen you are wearing. This allows Violet to more precisely calculate your accumulated UV dosage and vitamin D production.

Q: Is the battery rechargeable or replaceable?

A: Violet uses a standard coin cell CR2032 battery. The device has a long battery life estimated to be 6 months in typical use. You can easily replace the battery by opening the battery compartment located at the back of the device.

Q: How long would the battery last?

A: Battery life will depend on usage. For normal usage (wear Violet every day, sync data once a day, Violet's battery can last for over 6 months. Our development team is still working hard to increase the battery longevity.

Q: Who owns the data that's collected by the device?

A: All data collected by Ultra Inc. belongs to you, and only you. The only data we collect, with your consent, is your body profile without your name and accumulated history data which will be used as the input to our algorithm to give you pertinent advice to help you optimize your sun exposure. This data needs to be sent to our servers for storage and easy access from different devices by users. The data will be encrypted and securely stored. We will not share it with any other entity without the user's permission or a court order.Ultra Inc. may use the data for the purpose of internal research and feature development. We started this project because we believe we can quantify the environmental impact on our bodies. We are in the business of developing solutions to help users be healthier not sharing your personal data.

Q: Really? Can Violet tell me how much vitamin D my body generates from the sun?

A: Yes. Our algorithms for determining vitamin D production have been developed based on the latest published scientific research. We have working closely with leading scientists in this area to create our method for personalizing our calculations based on individual factors such as your skin type, age, body size, clothing coverage, and sunscreen usage, etc.

Q: Can I use one device to monitor all my children at the same time?

A: Sure! You can either wear Violet yourself it in the sun nearby. From your phone, you can create individual profiles for each of the children and the app will monitor in real time their sun exposure. You will receive alerts on your phone when anyone needs additional sun protection based on their own personalized profile. You can also check the amount of vitamin D production and safe sun exposure time for each individual child.

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