Introducing Violet

The world's first smart wearable that helps protect you
from sun-related skin damage and tracks your vitamin D

What Is Violet?

Violet monitors your real-time UV exposure, alerts you before potential skin damage, and calculates your daily natural vitamin D production.

Optimal Sun Balance

Real-time tracking of accumulated UV dosage and daily vitamin D production

Clear Message

Notifications about sun protection and projected time to reach daily goal of sun generated vitamin D


Complete and flexible customization (skin type, SPF, etc.), independently tracks multiple users

Smart Experience

Android and iPhone compatible, streamlined user experience and simplified user interface

Elegant Design

Waterproof, lightweight, and fashionable; wear it as a wristband or clip anywhere

Actionable Analytics

Secure data logging, trend view, social sharing, and helpful guide for optimal sun experience

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Why You Need Violet?

Each year in the US, nearly 5 million people are treated for skin cancer. On the other hand, vitamin D deficiency is now recognized as a Pandemic.

  • Violet tracks your UV exposure and measures your daily sun-generated vitamin D in IUs.
  • Violet helps avoid sunburns and slow down skin aging.
  • Violet is designed as a solution to encourage behavioral change toward a safe and balanced sun exposure.
  • Violet analyzes your sun exposure and suggests actions without overwhelming you with data.
  • Violet helps you safely enjoy the sun without any fear, and live ultra healthy!

Dr. Andy Blauvelt

Dr. Ian Katz

President of The Oregon Medical Research Center

Dermatopathologist at the Southern Sun Skin Cancer Clinic and Pathology

"The whole idea of Violet is to try to gain the benefits of the Sun while balancing the negative effects"

"There is a fine line between getting too much sun and risking skin cancer and too little and risking vitamin D deficiency"

Tracking The Invisible

Everyday, we are exposed to the invisible radiations from the Sun. Their damage to our bodies is accumulative. Yet we often don't realize it until it's too late

Wearable Tech from Ultra

With Ultra's state-of-the-art sensor technologies and advanced system miniaturization, bulky diagnostic laboratory equipment can be turned into small personal wearable devices that are capable of accurately measuring and analyzing the environmental impact on our body in real time.

Personalization and coaching

In conjunction with individual health data and personalization, Ultra's wearable solutions can guide and coach you to prevent potential life threatening diseases and improve your overall well-being.

Designing Violet

Violet is designed and developed by using lean methodologies with human-centered design principles. We strive to streamline the user experience and simplify the user interface. We believe less is more!