Ultra Inc. is a technology and data company focused on innovative skin health solutions for consumers. We are dedicated to creating highly accurate, scientifically-based solutions that users can fully depend on and trust. Using a mobile or wearables device, we help health-conscious people make good choices around sun exposure.


Interpreting the intensity of the sun is not easy because it’s too common to be surprised with a sunburn. If you use an Ultraviolet (UV) sensor, you can have more information about the sun’s intensity, but just knowing the UV number is not enough to manage your time in the sun.

Our team of bioengineers and software developers have a deep understanding of how UV works, and have transformed UV raw data into meaningful insights, interpreting the sun's intensity to each individual. Backed by multiple granted patents, our proprietary algorithms carefully measure the daily accumulative impact of UV exposure, matching to a person’s skin sensitivity as defined by the dermatology community. While our software technology is thoroughly based in biomedical research, our solutions can be effortlessly used by anyone.





Our core competency is our software technology - designed to be integrated into any connected hardware such as a wearable, phone, clothing, or many other IoT devices. Our technology makes any UV sensor become a smart sensor, giving advice to users on how to balance their time in the sun. If you are interested in licensing our software, please contact us at

Our technology licensing model includes:


Through clinical trials and laboratory studies, our goal is to eventually evolve the Violet Plus into a device that is endorsed by the medical community.

We are interested in running studies to further develop our technology while providing useful behavior and UV exposure data for healthcare or university organizations.

If you may be interested in participating with us in research, please contact us at


Our Team


Liz Garnand

Chief Executive Officer

Liz brings a wealth of experience across software technologies, including product management, product marketing, software adoption, people management, marketing communications, channel marketing, and sales enablement. Prior to Ultra, Liz was responsible for the product marketing a suite of business intelligent solutions at Sage, where solid marketing practices were used to bring solutions to market. Liz also brings former startup experience to Ultra. Liz holds a B.A. in Honors Business Administration from the Ivey Business School at Western University in Canada.


Nabyl Bennouri

Co-Founder and CTO

Nabyl spent 17 years working on simulation software for IC designs, implantable medical devices, and automotive sensors. He also brings to Ultra his experience in iPhone and Android platform development. Prior to Ultra Inc., Nabyl worked at MEMSCAP, in Grenoble, France where his inventions were patented, drawing the attention of later employers: Mentor Graphics, Xilinx and Biotronik. Nabyl holds a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble.


Nattapon Chaimanonart


Nattapon is an active researcher and inventor. He has over 10 years industrial experience in hardware design. Before Ultra, Nattapon was at Biotronik where he focused on the development and production of FDA-approved implantable biomedical products. Nattapon holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.


Jeff Parker

Executive Chairman, Strategic Partnerships

Jeff’s extensive international business management and senior-level expertise covers strategic investments and private placements, structuring financing for start-ups. Jeff has held several leadership roles in strategic planning, technology transfer, divestures, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions. As the Founding Managing Partner of Mattix Capital Management, he has led the Mattix team of C-level executives in partnership with European strategic financial partners. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music, Business Administration, and Finance, from the University of California, Chico.


Andy Blauvelt

Medical Advisor

A distinguished dermatologist, Dr. Blauvelt is the president of the Oregon Medical Research Center. He has held staff positions at the NIH and recently as Professor of Dermatology at OHSU and Chief of Dermatology at the Portland VA Medical Center. Dr. Blauvelt has published over 135 research papers. He has also served as the Principal Investigator on numerous clinical trials, and is a key scientific advisor for numerous pharmaceutical companies. He holds a medical degree from Michigan State University, and a healthcare M.B.A. from the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU).